Can’t fly a dead cat without hitting one

The flying cat below is a great example of why taxidermy will never go out of style:

Fur Flying: Dutch Artist Shocks with Dead Cat Helicopter:
Orville, a tabby cat killed by a car, has been converted into a remote-controlled model helicopter capable of flying at considerable speed. The latest work by Dutch artist Bart Jansen is provoking both amusement and shock in Internet forums. Jansen now plans to fit more powerful engines to Orville’s paws.

I did’t notice if the artist integrated a cat screech synthesizer in this one, but maybe he can in Orville 3.0 (he has up to Orville 9.0 to get it right, doesn’t he?).

Seeing this reminded me of an armadillo I saw on the side of the road at Camp Shelby one year. It looked something like this:

And the armadillo reminded me of the squirrel dioramas  in Dinner for Schmucks, which led me to these great squirrels:

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