Interesting discussion on the UK Honors System

The discussion on the video is well worth listening to.

Honours in the UK: Debate with Peter Tatchell following the publication of the Commons Select Committee Honours Report: The House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee today published its report on the UK Honours System. Unfortunately, despite a couple of useful recommendations, the Committee’s report was rather misleading — and, due to lack of knowledge of the subject, these inaccuracies were perpetuated today by much of the British media.
I appeared on Sky News this morning to debate the subject with Peter Tatchell. The discussion may be viewed by clicking on the video link below:

I always think it a shame that America doesn’t have a formal Honors System like many of our Anglophile neighbors, but then I remember that we don’t have a fount of honor, we have a President. Our sovereignty does not lie in a monarch, but in the people themselves.

That being said, there are awards and decorations that are conferred upon US citizens, the highest being the Presidential Medal of Freedom (see a video of this year’s ceremony). A listing of civilian awards can be found here.

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