Not only can you watch Dr. Who on BBC America, those of us without cable or satellite can stream it online via Amazon.

Chubstr Man of the Week: Matt Smith:
Maybe it’s the hair… or possibly the bow tie (bow ties are cool, by the way) that makes this week’s Man of the Week, Matt Smith worthy of the title.

But, while the hair and the bow tie are certainly enviable, Smith’s appeal has mostly to do with the sonic screwdriver (that is not a euphemism). That’s right, if you hadn’t already guessed by now, Chubstr HQ is filled with Whovians. So, on the heels of the latest season premiere this weekend, we give a tip of the hat to the current Doctor.

The latest season of Doctor Who premiered with a bang—and a lot of Daleks—Saturday night on BBC America. We’ve been gearing up this season for awhile now, but we’re still not sure we’re fully prepared for the inevitable as season 7 promises, according to Smith, “a gut wrenching, heart wrenching,” goodbye to the Ponds (the Doctor’s latest companions).

Though heartbreak is inevitable, we’ve also been promised dinosaurs, weeping angels, a trip to New York, and of course, more Daleks. You can catch new episodes of Doctor Who each week on BBC America (check your local listings for times), and if you’re not yet a Whovian, there’s no better time than the present to hop on board.

As always, if you have suggestions for men you’d like to see featured in Man of the Week, be sure to let us know on our Facebook page.
(Photos Courtesy: The Mary Sue and Fanpop)
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