You’ve made it when Wikipedia links to you

I was browsing the stats for this site recently and I noticed a link coming from Wikipedia. To my surprise, an early American pioneer, William Blevins, was mentioned on the Long hunter entry. And in an even greater surprise, my comments on this William Blevins are listed as further reading on the topic. And on top of that, the link to my site was inserted over a year ago.

I did notice there is no actual page on Wikipedia for this William Blevins, so I’ll endeavor to create one in the near future.

5 thoughts on “You’ve made it when Wikipedia links to you

  1. Hi I also am a blevins
    Father name is george lawson blevins 1950-1988 born Maggofon .he is buried in pennsacola florida .

    I was I belive to be his first child born to Brenda carol Howard 1968. .
    George father I believe is william his.mother myrtel collett. If any of this is included or need for you family tree please let me know .thank you

  2. hello, i am donna haram. my grandmother was minnie ethyl blevins mcdonald stiers. her parents were albert blevins and minnie lavinia jones. i grew up in central illinois but now live in colorado. doing some dna stuff on ancestry and ftdna. hope u are well. donna

  3. I am interested in Henry Blethyn, 16th Century Bishop in Llandalf, Wales. Specially, sons or grandsons. Thank You.

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