Are you from Dixie

I’ve been feeling some Southern nostalgia for the past couple weeks, and one of my favorite all-time, any-genre musicians is Jerry Reed. Mind you, I’m  not a diehard Country Music fan, but I go on Jerry Reed binges. I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Reed at the Morgan County Fair several years back, to give a date to the performance, he was promoting his role as Coach Red Beaulieu in The Waterboy, which was about to hit the theaters. I have a hard time picking a favorite Jerry Reed song, with Amos Moses being pretty high up there, but today I want to talk about Are you from Dixie (‘Cause I’m from Dixie too).

One thing I didn’t know until I wanted to write this post about is just how old that song is. According to the greatest source of information on Earth, the song was written in 1915 by Jack Yellen and George Cobb. Here is one of the earliest recordings of the song:

I had no idea the song was almost one hundred years old. There have been several artists who’ve recorded a version of it over the years, but in my biased opinion, Jerry Reed’s rendition is still the best.

Two ways to wear camo

GQ magazine posted an article to its website recently titled How GQ are you? 3 Ways to Wear Camo. Apparently, wearing camouflage is trendy again, but I would argue there are only two ways to truly wear camo that stand the test of time:

  1. In military service to one’s Nation.
  2. In search of wild game.
What the urbane hipster fails to recognize is, camouflage is for concealment, not to stand out. Being a more refined variety of redneck myself, this is what I think of when considering camo as fashion (notice the redneck fire alarm on the wall behind him):

And… There is currently only one man that can pull this look off well:

And since this use of camo is a part of an overall hunting lifestyle, I think Uncle Si gets a pass.

Table manners of yesteryear

A new method of discipline (nay torture) I inflict upon my children for infractions in etiquette at the dinner table is to make them watch clips on YouTube from various finishing schools, etiquette trainers, etc. To my elation (and their dismay) I found the clip below from the early 50s:

To my surprise, both girls actually sat through the entire clip.  Afterward, the begged for a more kid-friendly version, so I found a Disney clip from the 70s? that they seemed to actually enjoy, and for about fifteen minutes they continued to watch clips on table manners. I don’t know whether to be impressed or confused.

Wo die Büffel röhren

I’m by no means an environmentalist, but I applaud excellent conservation efforts wherever they are to be found:

‘Straight Out of a Western Film’: European Bison Return to Wild in Germany: For the first time since the 18th century, the European bison is returning to Germany to live in the wild. The wisent, as it is also known, has been brought to the country by a famous prince. Although the creatures’ survival is uncertain, the project has already attracted considerable attention.

One of the trivial things I do whenever we are going to see the inlaws is to point out a small herd of American Bison that is maintained in a pasture. The kids still seem to get excited to see them, but I’m sure the novelty will wear off sooner or later. It’s much nicer to see these majestic animals living more or less free than in the limited confines of a zoological environment.