Liechtenstein: the most gun-violent country in the world?

Just to show how much fun it is to manipulate statistics for one's own purpose, according to the Guardian, Liechtenstein has the highest percentage of homicides by firearm in the world.Yes, you read that correctly, the Principality of Liechtenstein[1]. How can this be? How is tiny little Liechtenstein so violent that it topped the list? … Continue reading Liechtenstein: the most gun-violent country in the world?

Of Gangsters and Duellists

I've never considered a correlation between the stereotypical sideways grip of a gangster and a dueling, but the article below makes such a thought plausible:Super Modified Gangster Grip:Matt Steele teaches the Gangster Grip, Modified Gangster Grip and Super Modified Gangster Grip.Jon Davis, a Marine Corps weapons instructor, posted a long article on Quora in which he suggested that … Continue reading Of Gangsters and Duellists