My connection to Clan Douglas

Some time back I became interested in my Scottish roots and discovered that my maternal ancestors, the Blackwoods, were historically associated with Clan Douglas. I understand that normally, Scottish clan association is paternal, but given that my paternal ancestry is Welsh, I was curious if I could actually claim clanship through my mother's line, so … Continue reading My connection to Clan Douglas

The Trojan connection?

Posted on Slashdot today is the article below that I intend to shanghai for a slightly different purpose:Birthplace of Indoeuropean Languages Found: phantomfive writes "Language geeks might be interested in a recent study that suggests Turkey as the birthplace of the Indo-European language family. The Indo-European family is the largest, and includes languages as diverse … Continue reading The Trojan connection?

Re-Minting the San Francisco Mint

A great article on undoing some of the architectural "progress" inflicted on the old San Francisco Mint building:Steampunking An Old Building To Make It More Efficient: Steampunk, a genre of literature that takes place in a steam-engine powered world often containing futuristic VIctorian innovations, has inspired movies, music, and an entire lifestyle (need some clothes? Check out … Continue reading Re-Minting the San Francisco Mint