9th May 1812: Poem “Welcome Ned Ludd," Nottingham

From the Luddite Bicentenary blog:

9th May 1812: Poem “Welcome Ned Ludd,” Nottingham: This paper was posted up in Nottingham on Saturday Morning May 9th 1812
Welcome Ned Ludd, your case is good,
Make Perceval your aim;
For by this Bill, ’tis understood
Its death to break a Frame—
With dexterous skill, the Hosier’s kill
For they are quite as bad;
And die you must, by the late Bill-
Go on my bonny lad!—
You might as well be hung for death
As breaking a machine-
So now my Lad, your sword unsheath
And make it sharp and keen—
We are ready now your cause to join
Whenever you may call;
So make foul blood, run clear & fine
Of Tyrants great and small!—
PS.- Deface this who dare
They shall have Tyrants fare
For Ned is every where
And can see and hear
This is a Home Office Clerk’s copy of a document, and can be found at HO 42/123.

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