Keyboard cleaning

This post on Slashdot emboldened me to get the tea spill out of my own keyboard that I love and cherish:

Logitech Releases Washable Keyboard: MrSeb writes “Logitech has released its first washable keyboard. We’re not just talking about ‘splash proof’ either — you can take the K310, immerse it in up to 30cm of water (12in), and give it a good scrub. The only limitation is you can only use standard washing up liquid — oh, and Logitech says you should try to keep the USB connector out of the water, too. Once you’ve washed the keyboard, simply leave it to dry. The user guide says it takes eight hours to air dry, and that you shouldn’t use a hair dryer. There are actually drainage holes on the backside of the K310, to help speed things along. This isn’t the first washable keyboard — HP and Kensington have both had models on the market for a while — but the K310 does seem to be the first reasonably attractive, consumer-oriented washable keyboard. It goes on sale at the end of the month for $40.”

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

My keyboard is one of the first generation aluminum keyboards that Apple released in 2007, and I’ve probably had this since late 2007 or early 2008. It still works great, or it did until I spilled tea in the left shift key a week ago. I was just going to deal with the clicky stickiness of it until I saw the post about the washable keyboard above and was inspired to seek a solution. Using my superhuman searching prowess, I found this instructable on how to remove the keys and clean it. Oh happy days of typing once again!

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