My dream job

Following up on a previous post, I see a job opportunity calling:

Wanted: 1 goat herder, 30 goats at O’Hare Int’l Airport – Chicago News and Weather | FOX Chicago News

I half-heartedly kid (pun intended) about seeking the job, but it’s not that far-fetched of a concept for a modern enterprise to employ goats for unmanicured lawn care. Even Google has done it.

Given that I now have posted on this topic multiple times, where does this goat-fetish come from? As a young-un, I had a pet goat named “Tater” for a while. We kept him in the back yard, but some neighbors up the road from us had a pasture full of goats and, I guess Tater longed for companionship, because he ran away to join the herd on the hill. Having compassion on him, we gave him to the farmer so he wouldn’t have to be lonely. I guess I’ve never recovered from the trauma of someone else getting my goat.

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