Third World to First Class and nothing in between

If this end of the Tata spectrum doesn’t suit your fancy:

$3,000 Tata Nano Car Coming To US: walterbyrd writes “The Nano is currently powered by a 37 hp two-cylinder engine and lacks common safety features such as power steering, traction control and airbags. It was originally designed to compete in the Indian market against scooters and motorcycles. . . Along with added safety equipment, it’s likely the car will get a larger, less polluting engine for export markets. Unfortunately, that means the price will increase, as well, possibly tripling by the time it goes on sale in the U.S..”

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Maybe their high end will:

Tata R&D/Skunkworks/bored engineers, how about a Pinto-esque Nano with a Jaguar V8? Granted, you’d have to sit on top of the engine, but it would have to be fun the first time (mind you, there would be no second time following the flaming ball of death the car would turn into).

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