When the leader of the free world can’t dress himself

I’ll keep this non-partisan and voice my disdain for both President Obama and Governor Romney: If you have the money (and opportunities to play dress up) that both of these men most certainly have, is it too much to ask to be properly fitted for a white tie event?

Thanks to The Chap for pointing out this egregious faux pas on the part of both men. The comments there are definitely worth the read. To be honest, the image below also made me think of the cover of a recent edition of the Economist. One would think that both men would have people to ensure their outfits fit.

#TheChapMag White Waistcoat Divides a Nation

For the sake of fairness, let’s look at how some previous occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue fared:
I little more put together, don’t you think?
Prince Philip, yes. President Bush, meh, not so much.
Not exactly white tie, but when you get a jacket named after you, you at least deserve an honorable mention.

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