1842 Vampire Hunting Kit

1842 Vampire Hunting Kit:
A reader spotted an auction at Gunbroker.com for a vampire hunting kit produced in 1842. The kit contains a crude percussion lock pistol, four silver bullets (engraved with crosses) and a powerhorn along with numerous other quintessential anti-vampire accessories such as wooden stakes, a bible, a mirror and a crucifix.

I think the gun industry of the 1800s missed an excellent marketing opportunity. As far as I know there were no Winchester Model 1894 carbines engraved with vampires or shipped from the factory with silver bullets. Just think how much money Mr. John Moses Browning could have made if he had jumped on the vampire craze.

I imagine that 150 years from now people are going to marvel at the piles of anti-zombie gear found in old attics and conclude we all lived in fear of a zombie uprising.

[ Many thanks to ColonelColt for the tip. ]

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