Leave it to Bieber

I’ve been trying to avoid commenting on this because I’m not Canadian, and I don’t have an opinion of Justin Bieber one way or the other, but given one of the main topics of this blog is gentlemanliness, I am compelled to weigh in:

Stay classy Justin Bieber: The normally cute and very Canadian Justin Bieber just fell a few notches on my fan meter. You see, the Biebs recently went to collect a Diamond Jubilee medal from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper…in overalls. And a backward facing baseball cap.
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I suppose a “rock star” can dress however he wishes to receive any particular honor that he’s been bestowed, but I have a feeling that this one will continue to bite Master Bieber (you have to be an adult to be a Mister, don’t you?) for several years to come. I guess the boos he received at the Grey Cup half-time show might be an indication. Maybe he should have consulted Debretts instead of his regular stylist?

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