Distinguished Warfare Medal, part II

The article below isn’t new news, but a welcome development in the drama around the

Ranking of new “cyber-medal” comes under scrutiny: Two Republican members of Congress who are also military veterans have introduced a bill that would lower the rating of the new Distinguished Warfare Medal, which can be given to drone pilots and cyber warriors. The legislation would prohibit the medal See all stories on this topic »

I wrote about this last year when I first heard about the idea being floated, and I  still loath the notion of
a “Distinguished Warfare Medal” with such a high order of precedence given the low risk in obtaining it.  I am not the only veteran outraged by this, and the media has caught on:

The medal itself is not the issue: the precedence is. It is an insult to those who risk their lives in combat, and though I do not fall into that category, I hold those who did in too high a regard to allow this to remain silent. As I stated previously, the medal needs to be demoted significantly.

I think this sums it up pretty well:


Here is a link to Representative Hunter’s comments.

[Update: 6 March 2013]
Another link:

Also, in a meeting of the Tennessee Valley Chapter of the National Defense Industry Association, I heard this decoration referred to by the name that I will hereafter call it: the Fobbit Medal.

[Update: 12 March 2013]

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