A perfect illustration of why I still believe in Intelligent Design


This comic is a pretty good summary of why I still believe in Intelligent Design. I shared another article on Google+ that is along a similar vein.

I cannot comprehend our Universe without an intelligent Creator to have set it in motion. The Internet and its infinite array of information has not caused me to question my faith. It has caused me to study it, however. And the more I read from non-believers, the more I am sure there is one true God, immeasurable in ability and unnumeral in days, whose Word set the Cosmos in motion and who sustains it to this day. When I read God’s retort to Job, I see humanity has not changed, we still are incapable of fathoming the excellence and superiority of the Lord, and are as children in His presence. We don’t understand the basic underpinning of life with clarity, yet we believe the Universe magically popped into existence of its own volition, and somehow, contrary to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, order has evolved from chaos. Granted, feeble and limited as my mind may be, I am aware of no empirical evidence to support the Big Bang.

It seems to me, the adherent to the religion of Science (not to be confused with practical and honest application of the scientific method) is required to employ just much faith to accept the un-intelligently designed, godless Universe as I am an Intelligently Designed Universe. 

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