What Happened to the Brut Man?

Some years back I linked to some “concepts” of masculinity on this site. First off, I do not apologize for upholding the traditional values of masculinity. If this offends, you, please feel free to stop reading here.

One of the concepts that I referenced was the idea of the “Brut Man”. For the uninitiated, Brut is an inexpensive brand of cologne/aftershave that has been on the market for generations. Nigh on a decade ago, I ran across a description of what it meant to be a Brut man on the brand’s website:

  • A man who defines his own style.
  • He is a man who believes in equality and being true to yourself. He is not driven by what others think of him. His determination and self-worth is motivated by staying true to himself and who he is. He accepts responsibilities for his actions, is comfortable with his decisions, and isn’t concerned about what other people think.
  • He is a man who sees possibilities and makes them happen. Who is always respectful of the opposite sex. Who understands the code of the gentleman and who is at ease with and courteous to people even though they’re different from himself.
  • He loves to win but realizes it’s not always about winning—sometimes it’s about the thrill of the hunt.
  • He has been the hundredth caller.
  • He is charitable and is always looking to give a hand to the downtrodden.
  • He is a leader of the young and always wants to makes things better for them.
  • He prefers things shaken, not stirred. But he will stir for others if that’s what they like.
  • He always learns from his mistakes, though he rarely makes them.
  • He has conviction, but is never convicted.
  • He hates false promises and always does what he says he is going to do.
  • He respects the opinions of others, but always makes up his own mind.
  • Don’t mistake his passion for anger, as there are very few things that truly upset him. He is the essence of man.

I don’t know about you, but those sound like some pretty good values. Imagine my chagrin, however, to discover that the “What is a Brut Man?” page had vanished from the site! Fortunately for me (and the world) the page had been archived by the Way Back Machine (https://web.archive.org/web/20131109121052/http://www.brutworld.com/man-defined.html).

The first thing that came to mind was the question “Has the Brut man been cancelled?”. Surely not??? I suppose they could have just moved on to a new marketing campaign with a new version of the website. Let’s consider what the current website looks like.

When we visit https://www.brutworld.com, we are presented with a very plain site. Atop scrolling images is the slogan The Legacy Continues. The images themself are the following:

  • Negan on a cruiser-style motorcycle wearing a dew rag and wallet chain
  • A dad discussing the finer points of basketball with his child
  • A dude turning the lug nut on a classic car with a box wrench
  • A hipster lumberjack looking at what appears to be a leaf in the woods with his child

My goal here isn’t to nit-pick the changes to the site. I think Brut has navigated the current minefield quite skillfully with the new campaign. Naturally, Negan would not have Lucille in hand while out on his hog. The basketball and outdoor scenes are highly plausible.

The image that I take umbrage with is the guy working on the car. I have turned a few wrenches over the years, but never have I ever trusted the security of a lug nut to a box wrench. I’m guessing by the diminutive stature of the car that it is a MG or other British roadster. Maybe hand tight is good enough? Given he’s got this beautiful specimen up on a lift and it appears to be undergoing a full frame-off restoration, I can’t imagine the wheels would have been tightened to anything less that the torque specifications of the manufacturer. Maybe he is that good? He is a Brut Man afterall…

So what has happened to the Brut Man? My best guess is nothing. He’s still doing his thing like he has since 1964. He’s not wasting his money on the latest trendy scents, to be certain. He’s not concerned with the things going on in the world that he has no control over. He’s too busy enjoying the life he has and taking care of his own. He’s minding his own business and living up to those values that don’t have to be listed on a website for him to know what they are. They are ingrained in his life.

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