Caution towards a cashless society, part II

Another article on going cashless:A Cashless, High-Value, Anonymous Currency: How?: jfruh writes "The cashless future is one of those concepts that always seems to be just around the corner, but never quite gets here. There's been a lot of hype around Sweden going almost cashless, but most transactions there use easily traceable credit and debit … Continue reading Caution towards a cashless society, part II

Artisan Resurgence

From Der Spiegel:Backlash against Consumerism: Handicraft Sites Turn Hobbies into Big Business: Internet companies like Etsy and Germany's DaWanda are helping to promote a renaissance in handicrafts in Europe and around the world. The firms provide platforms that enable individual artisans to sell their wares on the web in a growing market niche. And business is … Continue reading Artisan Resurgence