What audio devices *should* look like

This is beautiful:

An iPhonograph for Charity:
I was asked if I could donate an iPhonograph to NSW Cavalcade of History and Fashion charity to raise some much needed funds in a raffle.  So I created this more modern version (compared to my previous iPhonograph) as 1st prize in their biggest fundraising event this year – their 50th Anniversary Fashion Parade raising money to preserve clothing of past eras which provide unique clues to our social history.  Here is a link to NSW Cavalcade of History and Fashion.  Click here to see the pictures of the iPhonograph in its original form.She’s a beauty and has an input for a microphone (with it’s own separate volume control) and you can control the Treble, Bass and Volume.  This baby has 50 watts of sound and what a SOUND!!  You can plug in your iPhone, iPad, iPod Into the cradle or any audio device through the microphone input.

Re-Minting the San Francisco Mint

A great article on undoing some of the architectural “progress” inflicted on the old San Francisco Mint building:

Steampunking An Old Building To Make It More Efficient:

Steampunk, a genre of literature that takes place in a steam-engine powered world often containing futuristic VIctorian innovations, has inspired movies, music, and an entire lifestyle (need some clothes? Check out the Steampunk Emporium).
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It’s nice to see that others are starting to realize that our forebears may have actually known a little about what they were doing.