My comments on Armed Forces Week

There’s nothing to stoke the ego quite like being interviewed for television. At an American Legion district meeting yesterday afternoon, I was asked to provide some comments for a reporter with one of the local television statements. I didn’t get to see the segment that was broadcast, but I was quoted online as saying:

Veteran Jeremy Blevins says, “I think its wonderful to see the City of Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley in general do for the veterans community and its active duty service members.”


Blevins does say while many attractions use this week to provide retired and active duty military free admission, that’s now what they look forward to when they choose to risk their lives for their country.


“Veterans are never asking for a handout, we always, we’d like to be recognized for our service to our country, but we didn’t serve our country to be recognized.” (Source: WAAY TV)

There’s nothing like stumbling through an interview that you haven’t prepared for. With my role in the Legion over the past couple years, I’ve had a couple opportunities to be in front of the camera, and the introvert inside me cringes every time it happens. I hope for the benefit of everyone who has to sit through watching me that I get better.

Imagine my surprise when another ABC affiliate in Florida posted the article to its website. Given that my commentary has now escaped the Tennessee Valley, I wish I hadn’t stumbled over the wording.


Cinco de Mayo

Like all good Americans, I co-opt other cultures holidays, especially when it comes to eating. So today I celebrated Cinco de Mayo at my favorite Mexican lunch spot, El Coyote.

There wasn’t a lot of Cinco de Mayo fanfare at El Coyote today, but this is Alabama. I ate at a Mexican restaurant in Milpitas, California on Cinco de Mayo one year and it was an extravaganza. They were giving out swag from all the Mexican beer makers. Not only did the miniature maracas make a nice, incessant noise, but they served well as weapons for my kids to bludgeon each other with.

But I digress… The staff at El Coyote were all sporting jerseys from their favorite futbol teams and the dining area was full of white patrons indulging in their favorite quasi-Mexican holiday. They were playing special songs for the day though. It was a nice, quiet, reserved lunch, as to be expected in a nice, quiet, reserved Southern town.

Granted, the state of Puebla does celebrate El Día de la Batalla de Puebla, but Cinco de Mayo as celebrated by crackers like me was invented by Grupo Modelo because of the success they’d from Hallmark (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day) and Guinness (St. Patrick’s Day). Normally I’d oppose all the consumerist nonsense, but I like the food holidays. I like eating my way around the world, one holiday at a time.