On President Trump’s Assumption of Another Man’s Arms

Recently, the arms used by the Trump Organization has come into the public light. The New York Times, on May 28th, 2017, published an article by Danny Hakim entitled The Coat of Arms Said ‘Integrity.’ Now It Says ‘Trump.’. The article outlines the history of the arms, which were granted to Joseph Edward Davies in … Continue reading On President Trump’s Assumption of Another Man’s Arms

In deference to true heraldic artists

I recently stumbled upon A Message from Andrew Stewart Jamieson in which he contrasts true "heraldic artists" with "fraudsters, amateurs, and con artists who, calling themselves heraldic artists, offer substandard, commercial services to unsuspecting clients and patrons". On the same site was a post titled Heraldic Art and Copyright Infringement, both of which are written on … Continue reading In deference to true heraldic artists

Casting aside Arthur in search of fact

An interesting read from the Oxford University Press: Ten ways to rethink ‘Arthur’s Britain’:Stop looking for ‘King Arthur’. Forget the characters, artefacts, and places of legend. Abandon the written sources.It’s not just about the South — get some context!‘Arthur’ was not the defender of the Romans.‘Arthur’ did not fight against the Saxon invasion.Britain wasn’t united — fifth-century factions.Stop … Continue reading Casting aside Arthur in search of fact

My connection to Clan Douglas

Some time back I became interested in my Scottish roots and discovered that my maternal ancestors, the Blackwoods, were historically associated with Clan Douglas. I understand that normally, Scottish clan association is paternal, but given that my paternal ancestry is Welsh, I was curious if I could actually claim clanship through my mother's line, so … Continue reading My connection to Clan Douglas