The heraldic fraud (II)

I got one of these certificates from a vendor in a mall back in the nineties (before I knew better) that purported to tell the history of my surname. I keep it to remind me how easy it is to be taken advantage of. If any positive can come from the experience, I did gain a stronger desire to learn my family history after obtaining it.

The heraldic fraud (II):

OR private message, a kind lady lives in Urugay sent me an informative consultation on the family crest. The lady, interested in their genealogy, traveled to Mallorca, in the municipality of Sineu, accompanied by her son to continue digging into your family tree, getting to know the daughter of an aunt of hers who now have over 90 years.
With permission to display the image I wanted to show another example of heraldic fraud, in which a company disguised as serious historical research center, inform your buyer on the arms of his surname.
This scroll, reports that the coat of arms of Vanrell, and variant Vendrell, is as follows:
Azure, a fleur de lis silver bordure gules stitched.
Coat of Vanrell – Vendrell as the General Nobiliari Català. De Azure, a fleur de lis silver bordure gules stitched.

Indeed, in the General Nobiliari Català see the same shield associated with Vanrell de Mallorca and Valencia Vendrell.

But one thing is that a man with that name had once had a shield and another to say that is the shield of the surname, which is not true. There are many companies that offer a heraldic study surname, committing fraud, as the shields belong to lineages Agnation borne, not names.
It would have to prove who is a descendant of the gentleman who wore that coat to say that it is his shield. Even if your ancestors are from Mallorca and have that name, could correspond to another branch of the surname Vanrell, having no right to say that this is their coat of arms.
If you do not have complete assurance that it is a direct descendant of someone ennobled with a coat of arms and want to be represented by a shield, I advise you diseñéis new one .
As happened in another entry on her heraldic fraud , fijaros that the scroll is adorned with thirteen shields, of which only three meet the first rule of heraldry , the on glazes. Only say to reflect the reliability thereof.

It is also curious adornment in the form of Phoenix. What will you do with it? The bird, a phoenix seems more than an eagle, as it lacks some features and distinctive details. One day I will make an entry on this chimerical figure.

PS I send a cordial greeting to Mrs. Rosita.

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