Advanced Trade from "Primitive" Ancestors

I’m always amused by how little credit we give our ancestors when it comes to ingenuity and mobility. The article below from Der Spiegel points this out well:

Bronze Age Espionage: Did Ancient Germans Steal the Pharaoh’s Chair Design?

Roughly 3,500 years ago, folding chairs remarkably similar to ones found in Egypt suddenly became must-have items in parts of northern Europe. Scholars are now looking into this potential case of ancient industrial espionage.

The notion that man evolved from other lesser creatures forces us to think that man several thousand years ago could not have been capable of major technological feats, complex trade networks, and bluntly, thinking the way we think. Evolution (not adaptation within species) has handicapped us in understanding and appreciating the accomplishments of past civilizations. These blinders leave us with very limited theories on how great achievements from past civilizations were accomplished.

Since I believe in a God who created man in His image, I don’t have these conundrums to deal with. I accept that from the beginning, man had the capability for all sorts of great accomplishments, and with the cumulation of technological advances over the millennia, he has been able to build on these advances to develop the advanced civilization we live in today. Disasters, such as the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and the collapses of ancient cultures, have taken away much of our ability to provide proper attribution where it was due.

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