More ancient titles for sale

Along the lines of a previous post comes this article from the York Press:

Title of Lordship of the Manor of Carlton, near Selby up for sale: Part of the sale will include “a considerable quantity of valuable manorial documents”, including court books, warrants of satisfaction, which date back to the early 1700s, and an annual reception of the Manorial Society at the House Of Lords.
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I suppose that this is actually a legitimate Lordship of the Manor as opposed to the Scottish Laird scheme that I had previously discussed. I wonder if it grants any kind of privilege over the ±200 residents of Carlton and Carlton Highdale?

Is the castle included?

I wonder if Mark Roberts is looking into any of these to add to his collection? He seems to be successful in leveraging some of the feudal laws that are still on the books:

I have no comment in one way or the other as to how such actions are perceived, but I do appreciate such an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.
[Update: 8 March 2017] Occasionally I like to walk back through old posts such as this to provide new, relevant updates. On the topic of fake titles, I’d like to add a link to an article referenced by Rafe Heydel-Mankoo.  In it he states:

There is a romance that hangs around the nobility: centuries of tradition and heritage, grand parties and balls and huge estates and palaces, the gentlemanly nature of civilized courts and rituals and protocol and etiquette

 How true. The full article in the EU edition of Politico is here. I’ve also recently given my opinion on a similiar topic: fake orders of chivalry.

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